The 4th Annual Finland International Improv Festival

May 27 - 30, 2015 - Hällä-Näyttämö - Tampere, Finland

Welcome to FiiF2015!!

FiiF is back for the 4th year running!

That's right, FOUR years! It's Senior Year. Time for re-election. We're starting to lose our baby teeth.

We are already in the process of prepping for a fantastic festival, and we hope you'll be a part of it!

We had so much fun with last year's Solo Artists, that we're bringing the concept back again! So whether you have a team, a workshop, or just want to come have a great time, you can find SOME way to join us in Tampere!

There is a lot of information on its way! Whatever you do, make sure you clear your schedule in May for "the best, most surprising festival in Europe!"


FiiF has shows! LOTS of shows! So many shows, that you may not know what happened to you after 5 days of SHOWS!!!! ALL FiiF Participants get to perform at least twice. Instructors, Performance Teams, Solo Artists. All of them. Buy your tickets and passes HERE!


FiiF was started as a way to try and find out how to bring the world’s Improv Instructors to Tampere. As a result, we have always provided fantastic, unique, and valuable workshops for improvisers of all experience levels. Register to workshops HERE!


The FiiF is a place for global improvisers to gather together and have a lot of fun. The FiiF creates a great atmosphere in which to network, laugh and play together. From our Ceremonial Sauna Evenings, to nights on the town, FiiF is proud of its community of international improvisers.