Welcome To The 6th Annual Finland International Improv Festival!


FiiF Mission Statement

To help build the local Finnish and International Improv Community by providing a place for improvisers from around the world to gather for performances, workshops and fun.


Over the past few years, dozens of improv festivals have popped up throughout Europe, each with its own energy and heartbeat, and each helping to contribute to the ever growing European (and Global) improv community! We are so happy to be a part of this community, and are constantly searching for ways to tweak our Festival in order to offer our Improvisers and audiences something new, challenging, and exciting.

This year we’re placing a larger focus on or FiiF Ensembles, which are shows that combine players from around the world together on stage. The six FiiF2017 Ensemble shows are going to be developed and coached by our talented Workshop Instructors from across the Globe, spending time with the Ensembles rehearsing a format that will make these shows the highlight of our Festival.

We’re keeping the core structure of our Festival, which kicks off on Tuesday, June 13th with our traditional kick-off party: Improv Karaoke! This provides an opportunity for the FiiF participants to get to know one another and have some by jumping on stage and improvising in song!  Shows will begin on Wednesday evening, where improv teams from around the world will show us their unique style of improvisation! Each night after the shows, we’ll find our way to our FiiF afterparty to share some drinks and extra stage time! FiiF Participants will stay right around the corner from the theatre at the award winning DreamHostel.

And as always, we’re bringing some Top Improv Instructors to Finland to teach and perform! We’re going to offer some fantastic new workshops for improvisers of all levels that are open to the public!

Finally, on Saturday night, as all settles down, we will cap the festival off in true Finnish style with the infamous FiiF Wrap Party and Sauna – a favorite amongst all FiiF Participants.

We’re really looking forward to putting together a Festival that has something new to offer, so we’ve started working on everything months earlier than normal! And of course, we’re teaming up with some of our old friends and sponsors, and some new ones, to bring you a Festival that is truly unique!

Stay tuned to our Website, Newsletter, and Social Media channels to keep up to date with everything happening at #FiiF2017!

We hope to see you there,

– Trent Pancy, Founder & Artistic Director

FiiF is a Production of Finland Improv Ry

A Brief History of FiiF:

From Founder and Producer Trent Pancy:

Finland has a wonderful improv scene. With over 30 improv teams throughout the country, based in the biggest Finnish cities to the smallest Finnish towns, improv is alive and well in Finland. But I’ve always felt that one thing is missing: a sense of community among Finnish improvisers. So in 2011 I sat down and wrote this:

I love improv. I love performing it. I love teaching it. And I especially love watching it! That’s part of the reason that I co-founded Finland’s first exclusively English Language Improv Team, JadaJada! But I soon discovered that this wasn’t enough. I wanted more. I knew there must be a way to incorporate all of these things together… but how? And then it came to me, as clearly as getting “Sauna” as a suggestion for a location from a Finnish audience: Produce An Improv Festival!

In all of my training and performing in the US, I was fortunate enough to attend a number of Improv Festivals before moving to Finland. What I loved about these festivals is the combination of Performance, Workshops, and just having fun with strangers from around the country. So, why couldn’t we do something like that here in Tampere?

After talking it over with the other folks at JadaJada, we decided to go for it. And thus, FiiF was born!

Now we’re turning 6, and we’re really starting to find our stride! So be prepared for FiiF2017 to be the best FiiF of them all!


FiiFs of Yesteryears

Here’s what past participants have said about the Finland International Improv Festival!!


“The Finland International Improv Festival has put Finland on the improv map!” 

“Tampere is meant to be a new hot spot for the international improv movement – keep up the fantastic spirit at the FiiF!!”

“Cheek to cheek in the sauna with the Germans, Israeli, Dutch, Estonians, (Irish) and Finns, how hot is that?”

“A festival that you should NOT miss!!”

“I was there when it all began. Tampere is now on the map of improv. The exotic northern Finnish city played host to the very first Finland Improvisational Festival and rocked on so many levels. As an improvisor I was insanely happy with the high quality of actors, ensembles, trainers and audiences. From live improvised karaoke the first night to various ensemble shows the other nights and a closing party… in a sauna! This was the best, most surprising festival in Europe. Kudos to Trent and his amazing staff of volunteers for putting together such a professionally run festival that made you feel at home, created a feeling of togetherness amongst people I’ve never met before and a platform for wonderful, original improvisation. And I was there when it first began.”  – Rod Ben Zeev





B-Teatro (ITA)


Good Luck, Barbara (GER)

JadaJada Improv (FIN)

La Carpe Haute (FRA)

Laura & Sven (NED)

The Rebranding (ENG)


WilmaMia (DEN)


Franck Buzz (FRA)

Hila Di Castro (ISR)

Laura Doorneweerd (NED)

Jim Libby (USA/AUT)

Feña Ortalli (ARG)

Trent Pancy (USA/FIN)

Mico Pugliares (ITA)




The Andrews Sisters (NYC, USA)

Barcelona Improv Group (Barcelona, Spain)

Bus Kai (Athens, Greece)

La Carpe Haute (Strasbourg, France)

Improkracja (Wrocław, Poland)

Impromask Italiana (Bologna, Italy)

JadaJada Improv (Tampere, Finland)

Paradigm (Canada & USA)

The Rebranding (London, England)

Ten Thousand Million Love Stories (London, England)


Joe Bill (USA)

Paolo Busi (ITA)

Christian Capozzoli (USA)

Inbal Lori (ISR)

Senja Meriläinen (FIN)

Trent Pancy (USA)

Heather Urquhart & Joe Samuel (ENG)

Lee White (CAN)




5 Dita Nella Presa (Bologna, Italy)

C3467X (London, UK)

El Club de la Impro (Spain)

E621 (The Netherlands)

Improkraatia (Estonia)

J to the Max (Sweden)

JadaJada Improv (Tampere, Finland)

Teatribú (Milano, Italy)


Sacha Hoedemacher (NED)

Will Luera (USA)

Órla Mc Govern (IRE)

Kevin Miller (USA)

Peter Nordstrand (SWE)

Trent Pancy (USA)

Simone Tani (ITA)




Belgische Improvisatie Liga (Belgium)

Improgrupp Jaa! (Estonia)

JadaJada Improv (Tampere, Finland)

Improvisaatioteatteri Joo! (Jyväskylä, Finland)

Lamabati (Israel)

4Fun! (Latvia)

Eki Paki (Slovenia)

easylaughs (The Netherlands)

Zarzamora! (Texas, USA)


Nadine Antler (Germany)

Jstar (Atlanta, USA)

Senja Merilainen (Finland)

Ryan Millar (Canada/UK)

Trent Pancy (USA/Finland)

Sam Super (USA/The Netherlands)

Rod Ben Zeev (USA/The Netherlands/Israel)




Improgrupp Jaa (Estonia)

JadaJada Improv (Tampere, Finland)

Iloinen Mursu (Tampere, Finland)

Perun Perunat (Jyväskylä, Finland)

Snatch Comedy (Ireland)

LamaAlpaka (Israel)

Frei.Wild (Germany)

Arrogantjes & Friends (The Netherlands)


Anja Boorsma (The Netherlands)

Jeannie Cahill (Chicago, USA)

Jeff Griggs (Chicago, USA)

Senja Merilainen (Finland)

Trent Pancy (USA/Finland)

Simo Routarinne (Finland)

Jani Turku (Finland)

Rod Ben Zeev (USA/The Netherlands/Israel)