We are very proud to announce our 10 amazing Workshop Instructors for #FiiF2017!

HUGE Theater




Jill is the author of “Jill Bernard’s Small Cute Book of Improv”, and has shared her knowledge throughout numerous countries and the United States.


Jill Bernard has been performing with ComedySportz-Twin Cities since 1993, and is a founding member of HUGE Theater in Uptown Minneapolis. Her one-woman improv piece, Drum Machine, has been featured in over forty improv festivals.

She has taught and performed improv in Norway, Australia, Canada, England, the Netherlands, Argentina, Bulgaria, Romania, Colombia, Peru, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany and over thirty-five of the United States; and also on an episode of MTV “Made.” She is one-half of the duo SCRAM with Joe Bill of the Annoyance Theater.

An Artistic Associate of the Chicago Improv Festival, she has studied at the Annoyance Theater, Improv Olympic, the Brave New Workshop and other theaters.



SATURDAY 10:30 – 13:30

LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: Beginner, Intermediate

CATEGORY: Scenic, Development

Improv is rarely a solo endeavor. This workshop will focus on how you can become the best possible partner your teammates could imagine.

Games and exercises showing how to listen to what your partner really wants, and turn them into a rockstar.

If we’re all doing this for each other, we’re a team of rockstars and we all win!


THURSDAY 14:30 – 17:30

LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

CATEGORY: Dynamics, Development

Too often improv feels like a chore, filled with right decisions and good and bad choices.

In this session with Jill Bernard, participants will learn the joy and success that follows doing exactly what tickles their fancy.

Please wear closed toed shoes to this workshop.


WEDNESDAY 10:30 – 14:30

LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: Intermediate, Advanced, Professional

CATEGORY: Dynamics, Development, Structure

We spend too much time on Man vs. Man conflicts.

The other conflicts that should be considered are: Man vs. Nature, Man vs.Society, Man vs. Himself, etc.

In this workshop we will do some scenes to explore what can be done besides bicker with each other.

Please wear closed toe shoes to this workshop.


FRIDAY 14:30 – 17:30


LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: Intermediate, Advanced, Professional

CATEGORY: Character, Development

In recent years in the United States, improv teachers such as Joe Bill and TJ Jagadowski from Chicago, David Razowsky from Los Angeles, Greg Tavaras from South Carolina, and Jill Bernard from Minneapolis have begun working with the idea that improv can contain realistic characters who are vulnerable.

Having the ability to create improv that is honest and vulnerable adds another layer to your work, a little bit of cake underneath your frosting to take your work from light entertainment to something with resonance.

In this workshop, we will begin with your true self as a completely valid and powerful launchpad to creating original improvisation. We will explore emotion as a driver and practice letting your relationship and how your partner sees you define your character. We will learn to trust assumptions in place of inventions.

iO Chicago




Joe teaches and performs at iO Chicago and is a Co-Founder of The Annoyance Theater. He is widely regarded as one of the best teachers of Improvisation in America today.


Joe and a number of very talented friends, under the Artistic Direction of Mick Napier, co-founded The Annoyance Theater in Chicago in 1990.

His passion for teaching Improvisation soon kicked into high gear as a unique approach to Improvised Scene and Character began to be articulated by a number of teachers at Annoyance, including Mick Napier, Mark Sutton, Joe, David Razowsky, Bob Fisher and Susan Messing that focused on Improvisers “Taking care of themselves, in order to take care of others in a scene”.

In addition to BASSPROV & Our Play, Joe tours internationally with the pride of Winnipeg, Manitoba and Canadian cultural and comedic treasure, Lee White. Their 2 person show, PARADiGM, explores a different format in each successive show with an approach that has been described as Death Metal on a Unicorn. He also tours with with Minneapolis Improv Mastermind Jill Bernard in their 2 person show, SCRAM!, which features 3 different 2 person scenes that happen at the same time.

Joe has performed, coached, taught, directed and/or innovated with every major Improvisation Institution in Chicago and New York, and many more throughout the U.S. and Canada. Joe has also been a corporate trainer since 1993.

He’s very proud to be The Senior Facilitator & Designer for iO Chicago Corporate, a Senior Affiliate Facilitator for The Ariel Group, Master Facilitator for Ferrazzi Greenlight and Actor, Director and Executive Coach for ReAct.



WEDNESDAY 14:30 – 17:30

LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: All Levels

CATEGORY: Scenic, Development

A lot of times improvisers will spend the first 30 seconds of a scene (or show) in some kind of analysis about what to do. Even if you are doing something, doubts can visit you during “The Golden Time” (the amount of time that it takes any improviser to hate what they have initially done).

We will play with tools to get you out of your head, present and vital as a scene or show begins. I will help you form an immediate marriage between the Engineering part of your brain (Adaptive Creativity) and the Active Dreamer part of your brain (Innovative Creativity) in the first 30 seconds.

Improvisation is an active meditation, where recognition meets inspiration and initiative turns into action. We can equip ourselves with vitality, in the first 30 seconds, to best serve our scene partners and the format in which we play.


THURSDAY 10:30 – 17:30

LENGTH: 6 Hours

LEVEL: Intermediate, Advanced, Professional

CATEGORY: Development

When we study acting for the theater, one of the first things that we learn is that “the REAL play lies between the lines” of the actors. We get into the hearts and minds of our characters in order to give them emotional and psychological content.

When we do this, the dialogue comes to life! We play characters with a filter of emotion and psychology through which we can listen to our scene partners and respond in a way that empowers their emotional and psychological journey in the play.

In Improvisation, it can be a challenge to find our way to the emotional and psychological depth that can authentically inspire us in the moment. We often default to literal and linear thinking and acting, engaging in literal dialogue and linear story that “makes sense”, with emotions that are projected more than they are felt. 

I will show you a  way to engage with your scene partners with depth “between the lines” through a soft-focused awareness of the Emotional and Psychological content as our stories unfold.

Another way to put this is, the audience won’t believe you unless YOU believe you. I will help YOU believe YOU as you explore the vulnerable moments with your scene partners that can be anything, from breathtaking, to heartbreaking to hilarious.


SATURDAY 10:30 – 14:30

LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: All Levels

CATEGORY: Structure

In the spirit of Cliffs notes, this workshop will be a combination of Presentation, Q & A and Demonstration about American Longform.

I have lived in Chicago for over 30 years and have been touring for more than 20 of those years. I studied with Del Close for a combined 5 years and have taught, performed in, coached and directed just about any kind of Longform Improvisation that you can imagine.

My focus will be primarily on addressing any questions or curiosities that the people in this workshop have and then fill in the rest with stories, examples, strategies and processes from American Longform that I’ve experienced over the years. 





Mike Descoteaux is the mastermind creator behind the Musical Improv Program at The Second City training center in Chicago. He currently serves as the Artistic Director at ImprovBoston.


Mike Descoteaux is the Artistic Director of ImprovBoston. Before ImprovBoston, Mike served as head and creator of the Music Program at The Second City Training Center and music director of the Second City Etc stage in Chicago.

Named one of the top young songwriters in the country by the Johnny Mercer/AMTP association, he has had the privilege of working with Tony Award-winning artists such as Jason Robert Brown, William Finn, Mark Hollmann and James LaPine. He has “composed” and “conducted” over 1,000 completely improvised musicals with Baby Wants Candy, Musical! the musical, I Eat Pandas, BLANK! The Musical Off-Broadway and many others.

In addition to teaching at institutions like the Second City, ImprovBoston, Northwestern University, and Columbia College, Mike has lead workshops in music improv around the world.



FRIDAY 10:30 – 17:30

LENGTH: 6 Hours

LEVEL: Intermediate, Advanced, Professional

CATEGORY: Dynamics, Music

Discover the simple joy and comedic power of ImprovBoston-style game-driven songs.

Using two fundamental structures, participants will explore the ridiculous fun that comes through effortlessly heightening the lyrical, emotional, physical, situational and musical patterns that present themselves in the scene leading up to a song.

We’ll play with the emotional and reactive scenic building blocks that lead to the best improvised songs. Experience how the success of the song is virtually guaranteed before the first note is even sung (the secret is in the scene).

PLEASE NOTE: Students should have a minimum of 1 year formal improv training OR minimum 1 year of music improv experience + 6 months of formal music improv training.


WEDNESDAY 14:30 – 17:30

LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: Beginner, Intermediate

CATEGORY: Character, Dynamics, Music

Sing it! introduces students to the fundamentals of how to improvise songs that sound as if they had been written.

Explore rhyming (and effective alternatives to rhyming), common song structures that lend themselves to improvising, creating memorable hooks, and how to convincingly get into songs from an improvised scene.

Discover the many connections between traditional improv and “singprov,” allowing students to heighten emotion, strengthen relationships, and access new characters instantaneously. By the end of the day, students will be singing off the cuff with confidence and joy.

Take this workshop and unlock a new, deeply rewarding approach to improvisation. No previous singing experience required.


THURSDAY 10:30 – 13:30

LENGTH: 3 Hours  

LEVEL: Intermediate, Advanced

CATEGORY: Scenic, Character, Structure



Every decent improviser knows shortform, right? Not so fast! If you think shortform is easy, a hack, or gimmicky, you’re not doing it right.

Discover how to connect with an audience, attack the stage, and find the game within the game. Geek out on structures, comedic angles and ever-elusive hosting techniques.

Gain valuable scenic, collaborative, character, audience interaction and fast-play skills that you can apply to almost any other style of improv.

One thing’s for sure: after this workshop; you will never look at shortform the same way again.

The Maydays




Chris is a veteran performer and director who teaches and coaches improvisation in and around London.

Chris has studied theatre at Royal Holloway College, University of London and improvisation at Second City, iO Chicago and The Annoyance.

In the UK he teaches for Hoopla Impro and The Nursery Theatre. He created and coached improv wunderkinds The Science of Living Things and currently teaches regular long and short-form classes across London and the Southeast, from absolute beginners to über-geeky advanced classes.

He was the co-ordinator of the Nursery Theatre’s “Originals” programme and directed the first show of that season, [Emotion] Play. He also runs the improv podcast Yes Bot, which asks improvisers to program a robot to be the ultimate scene partner.

Chris improvises with Project2 and The Maydays and is the artistic director of Sonder, a new company dedicated to improv as a theatrical art form.



SATURDAY 10:30 – 13:30

LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: Beginner, Intermediate

CATEGORY: Development

Most of us got into improv to have fun. But sometimes that initial impetus is lost underneath a huge pile of RULES and STRATEGIES about what makes for a ‘good’ scene.

In this workshop we are going to throw off this stinking pile of logic and neurosis. We’re going to improvise from our gut and use JOY as the primary motor for everything we do. Not great at character work? Who cares! Worried you’re not clever enough?

This is playtime, not an exam! We will leave perfection at the door and just have fun.

Along the way, you’ll learn some techniques about how to bring this attitude into all your scene work and add joy back into the mix permanently. But actually that’s just an added bonus – the main thing is you’ll have a blast, you’ll laugh a lot and you won’t have time to judge yourself.


FRIDAY 10:30 – 13:30


LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

CATEGORY: Scenic, Character, Dynamics

As improvisers we don’t often have a set (or costumes) (or props). The only thing that’s real on an improv stage is you and your scene partner (and maybe a few chairs if you’re fancy). Logically, as the only other real, living, breathing thing in the scene, your relationship to your scene partner is of the UTMOST importance.

You can transform your improv by learning to forge an emotional connection with them. Feel something – deeply, irrationally, completely – and see how your scenes blossom in delightful and unfathomable ways.

This workshop will teach you a half-dozen performance grade techniques that you can use immediately to get out of your head and improvise from your heart. Whether you know your fellow improviser well or are playing with them for the first time, harness the power of giving a damn about them.





Daniel has been designing workshops and directing shows for different groups and festivals around the world, combining elements of clowning, mime, comics, and painting as tools for expression and storytelling.


Daniel’s practice pushes the boundaries between improvisation and physical theatre, bringing elements of clowning, mime, comics and painting as tools for expression and storytelling. He has been designing workshops and directing shows for different groups and festivals around the world.

As a teacher, Daniel’s aim is to inspire students into an exiting exploration of different tools, encouraging active participation and curiosity. Daniel believes in creating a friendly and safe atmosphere that motivates the generation of questions to improve skills and personal approach to improvisational theatre.

Daniel has experience working in some of the most consequential festivals in America and Europe, including The Würzburg Impro festival, and Improganza festival in Edmonton – Canada.

After a very successful tour in 2016, in countries like Israel, Italy, and Germany, Daniel is planning a new tour for this year that includes workshops at: Impro Amsterdam, Impro-Hotel – Workshop-Festival, and the ITI Conference and Dubai Impro Fringe 2017.



WEDNESDAY 14:30 – 17:30

LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: Advanced

CATEGORY: Dynamics

Live performance takes place in a three-dimensional space. The way we approach this has a direct and strong effect on what we communicate as performers.

By exploring ways in which space is manipulated and expressed in pictures, images, and other two-dimensional representations, we will develop new tools to play and transform the way we address the stage.


FRIDAY 14:30 – 17:30


LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: Intermediate

CATEGORY: Dynamics

Anything is possible if it is within a game. In a friendly and secure atmosphere the participants will look for ways to unleash themselves into a world of endless opportunities within the act of play.

They will find the pleasure in taking risks, finding ways of raising the stakes in a playful way.


THURSDAY 10:30 – 13:30

LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: Advanced

CATEGORY: Dynamics

Surveys about fears commonly show stage fright at the top of the list, in some cases even more than the fear of death.

This emotion, usually seen as negative and unpleasant is there for a reason.

How can we get to know it? Can we embrace it? Can we be friends with it? And most importantly, can we learn how to use it?


FRIDAY 10:30 – 13:30


LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: All Levels

CATEGORY: Structure

After we get a suggestion or an impulse we jump on the stage to create scenes in the moment.

How did that scene come to be? What were the ingredients that led to this?

This workshop explores ways in which scenes come together, and the stories that inspired them.

JadaJada Improv




Trent has been improvising for over 15 years, and has become one of the leading members of the European Improv Community


Trent has been performing improv since 2002. After earning a BA in Theatre Arts, Trent spent 4 years on the Chicago Improv Circuit, where he studied and performed at The Second City, iO Chicago, and ComedySportz Chicago.

In 2010, Trent relocated to Tampere, Finland, where he founded JadaJada Improv, The Finland International Improv Festival, and The improvAcademy, Finland’s first English Language Improv Training Program.

Over the course of nearly 7 years, Trent has carved out a name for himself in the Finnish and European Improv communities, and has helped to bring the International Improv community together.

Trent recently earned a 2nd BA in International Media Production, and is currently pursuing a MA in Screenwriting. He is now a full-time Improviser, spending his days Performing, Teaching and Producing improv and theater throughout Finland and Europe.

And yes. He knows it is weird to put himself in the Instructor Line-Up at his own festival.



THURSDAY 14:30 – 17:30

LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

CATEGORY: Scenic, Development

This workshop designed to help improvisers take care of themselves as a way taking care of others. Strong scenes are built on strong characters.

We will learn how to develop the skills necessary to create strong characters at the top of a scene, and then filter the entire scene through your character’s unique point of view.

We will learn what makes Chicago Improv so unique, and how to emulate the slow, patient, relationship-based scenes that make Chicago Style Improv so enjoyable to perform and to watch.

Yes yourself, support your team.


FRIDAY 10:30 – 13:30

LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: Intermediate, Advanced, Professional

CATEGORY: Dynamics, Development

It has been said that there are only 7 basic plots that can ever be told. If that is the case, then why do we keep making, and telling, stories?

Whether writing for Television or the Silver Screen, Screenwriters have a handful of tricks they can use to quickly engage their quickly audience, manipulate their emotions, and tell a great story while doing so.

This workshop takes elements from the world of Screenwriting and applies them to Improv. We’ll learn about false goals, character flaws, and crossing a threshold. We’ll practice planting and foreshadowing, getting the most out of our dialogue, and how to make the audience love, or hate, our characters.

Most importantly, we’ll make the audience care about what is happening to our improvised characters and their relationships to each other, places, and things, on stage.

The Maydays




Liz is the Artistic Director of award-winning company The Maydays, and has performed and taught improv around the world.


Liz Peters is an award nominated British actress and improviser who has performed and taught improvisation around the world.

She is Artistic Director of The Maydays, a multi award winning company who have been running for 13 years, whom she considers to be her improv family. Liz is the creator and host of Unplanned Cabaret (glitzy musical fun) and also improvises with The Inflatables (joyous shortform fun), Theatresports (faux competitive fun) and post-apocalyptic podcast The Holiday After Tomorrow (end of the world fun!) Liz is passionate about sharing improv both for performance and as a life enhancing skill.

Her teaching experience includes many years of courses, drop ins and intensives for all levels, as well as going into organisations and using improv as a training tool for communication, leadership and team building.

She has taught at several European festivals (Barcelona, Portugal and Dublin) and has been running the UK’s only residential improv retreat with The Maydays for the past 8 years.

In 2015 Liz qualified as an Embodied Facilitator and is excited to be bringing that unique angle to her improv classes as it’s a real game changer.



WEDNESDAY 10:30 – 13:30

LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: Intermediate, Advanced, Pro

CATEGORY: Dynamics, Development

When we improvise we can be ANYONE! Yet we often fall into similar grooves. Perhaps you get overlooked onstage, or you’re always taking charge. Maybe you feel uncomfortable and want to feel good.

The key is your Embodiment. It is scientifically proven that the way we move changes the way we think. Like all humans, you have subtle physical patterns that drive your behaviour, affecting how you feel and are perceived. These patterns are so familiar you’re probably not aware of them. By noticing our habits we can see when they work for us, when they get in our way and what else we can do. 

To increase our range of characters and authentic responses we’ll be getting back into our bodies (and a few others!) in a playful, non judgmental way.

Forget WHO WHAT WHERE today and embrace HOW. Own it baby!




LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: Intermediate, Advanced, Pro

CATEGORY: Scenic, Development

Great improv has the power to make us both laugh and cry. This is always a result of the CONNECTION between players.

Interesting scenes are not about a hilarious anecdote, they are about this specific relationship in this specific moment. We all bring something different to the stage (our personalities, life experience, mood that day…) and the millions of possibilities for a scene are crystallised into a unique circuit between one individual person and another. A live connection between ourself and our scene partner.

When we slow down and pay attention to this circuit, our improv becomes exciting, raw and believable. It causes the audience to be affected by our work and allows us, as improvisers, to create authentic, electric and uniquely touching art.

The Maydays




Katy coaches long-form teams and leads public workshops in England, Europe and the United States.


Katy has trained at Second City and iO Chicago as well as with teachers from Annoyance, UCB and more. She is a Funny Women finalist and winner of the Brighton Festival Fringe Best Comedy Show award.

Katy has been with the Maydays for 12 years, played in Katy and Rach for over a decade and is with sci-fi improv team Project2. She also plays in the Destination podcast. She has toured with Fluxx, improvised musicals with The Maydays, Music Box and Baby Wants Candy and notably guested in improvathons, Whirled News Tonight, The Armando Diaz Experience and Messing with a Friend.

Katy is also an actor and theatre maker. Katy coaches long form teams and leads public workshops in England, Europe and the States.



FRIDAY 14:40 – 17:30

LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: Advanced, Pro

CATEGORY: Dynamics, Structure, Solo

Why wait until your next class or rehearsal when you can work on your improv all on your own?

Learn a cache of solo warm-ups and exercises including ways to improve your language dexterity, object work and character creation as well as bespoke games and rehearsal ideas for the shows you’re working on.

These are useful techniques for developing a solo show or to elevate your personal skills for ensemble work.


SATURDAY 10:30 – 14:30


LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: All Levels

CATEGORY: Dynamics, Development

Fly a jet, drive a mega-robot, stroll through verdant gardens or throw a can of beer to your flatmate.

Learn how to create environments and objects that the audience will really see and remember as if your blank stage was a film! Use imagined surroundings to find out about your character.

Discover the secrets to recalling where you and the rest of your team ‘put’ everything and never walk through a mime table again.

Impro Melbourne




Patti is an actor, improviser, director, instructor, and playwright who has worked in Improv throughout the entire globe. She is widely regarded as one of the world’s most inspiring, thoughtful, and caring instructors.


Patti has been working professionally in theatre since 1983. She served her theatre apprenticeship at the world renowned Loose Moose Theatre and was trainied by Keith Johnstone.

It is her knowledge, technique, and application of her improvisational skills which makes Patti a unique and dynamic instructor. As an improvisation performer and teacher, Patti has worked in Canada, the USA, England, Italy, Holland, Switzerland, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, France, Portugal, Greece, New Zealand, Finland, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and Australia.

She is the Artistic Director of Die Nasty AU, Co-Director of Secret Impro Theatre and Impro Melbourne, and has had the honour of being Artistic Director of Dream Kitchen and Rapid Fire Theatres in Canada.

Currently, Patti serves on the International Theatresports Institutes Managing Board as Artistic Director and representative for the Oceania region.



SATURDAY 14:30 – 17:30

LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

CATEGORY:  Scenic, Development

Improvisers who inspire, surprise, and delight their partners are the most fun to play with.

How do they do this magic?

This workshop explores exercises and techniques to help you delight, surprise, and inspire your partner. How to change them, affect them, and watch them light up!


WEDNESDAY 10:30 – 17:30


LENGTH: 6 Hours

LEVEL: Advanced, Pro

CATEGORY: Dynamics, Development, Teaching



In my experience, many people teach improvisation by running a series of games and teaching “Say yes and then yes and”. It is often like they are a comedy drill sergeant. Students may have a good time and there is lots of laughter and play, but they have not really learned how to improvise – the class has been a jam with guidance.

To teach improvisation, one looks at what exercise is needed for the individual student/class, and does not follow a curriculum blindly, because every class, every student, is different. Teachers must understand the how and why of games and techniques in order to trigger students’ thoughts and imaginations so they can feel, question, and think.

Our aims should not be to train improv robots, but to light the fire of improvisation in their belly, and give them the tools, conidence and insight to challenge, create, and grow.



THURSDAY 10:30 – 13:30


LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: AIntermediate, Advanced, Pro

CATEGORY: Scenic, Development

Many of the genres we perform have characters that were created to reflect the society of the time. Even if the author set the story in a different period, the actions or behaviors of the characters represented the social sensibility of the reader.

These acceptable social rules were heavily categorised into male and female behavior. Today’s world is different. Our social dynamics of ‘rules’ of engagement encompass more freedom than rules of the past. Yet our storytelling is still shackled to historical roles.

By questioning, challenging, and exploring the purpose of the character in the story and remving the gender assumptions, we can break open new levels of play and possibilities.

La Bagasse




Keng-Sam has been teaching improvisation for over a decade, and has worked with some of the top improv masters throughout the world.


Keng-Sam Chane Chick Té is an improviser from Reunion Island (French Department).

He has been teaching and performing improv for 15 years in many different places around the world such as France, the US, Thailand, Japan, Estonia, Germany, Amsterdam, Montréal, South Africa, and Australia.

When Keng-Sam is not busy travelling, he produces the annual FERIIR Festival (International Improv Festival of Reunion). Keng-Sam has been learning improvisation for more than 15 years and teaching it for 10 years.

He has worked with Papy aka Alain Degois, an improv master in France, Jason Geary, Rama Nicholas, Amy Moule from Australia, Nadine Antler from Germany, but also Fabio Maccioni from Italy– just to name a few.



WEDNESDAY 10:30 – 13:30

LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: Advanced, Pro

CATEGORY: Dynamics, Scenic, Character, Development

In this workshop, we will use some techniques from the Laban Movement and from Claudia Notalle, a french clown from France who has explored clowning in a particular way.

With her motto “Our body is our best ressource to create a story “, we will work on our inner clown to move and be moved together.


SATURDAY 14:30 – 17:30


LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: All Levels

CATEGORY: Scenic, Character, Dynamics, Development, Structure

In this workshop, I take participants through some of the core principles of commedia del arte.

We will explore how through your body language, and gibberish you can actually tell a story. We’ll look at areas like: How can I perform without talking my native language? How a movement or a facial expression can transform your story?

How do we elaborate a scene without talking, but only with your body expression?


THURSDAY 14:30 – 17:30


LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: All Levels

CATEGORY: Scenic, Character, Dynamics, Development, Structure, Music

How can music create a story or elaborate an outline?

With music as an inspiration for improvisation, we will work on the connections possible between a musician (if possible) and a group of improvisers.

This workshop aims to give the improviser resources to take to the stage, and another way to improvise through the help of a musician or selected music.