The Maydays


Chris is a veteran performer and director who teaches and coaches improvisation in and around London.






LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: Beginner, Intermediate

CATEGORY: Development

Most of us got into improv to have fun. But sometimes that initial impetus is lost underneath a huge pile of RULES and STRATEGIES about what makes for a ‘good’ scene. In this workshop we are going to throw off this stinking pile of logic and neurosis.

We’re going to improvise from our gut and use JOY as the primary motor for everything we do. Not great at character work? Who cares! Worried you’re not clever enough? This is playtime, not an exam! We will leave perfection at the door and just have fun.

Along the way, you’ll learn some techniques about how to bring this attitude into all your scene work and add joy back into the mix permanently. But actually that’s just an added bonus – the main thing is you’ll have a blast, you’ll laugh a lot and you won’t have time to judge yourself.



LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

CATEGORY: Scenic, Character, Dynamics

As improvisers we don’t often have a set (or costumes) (or props). The only thing that’s real on an improv stage is you and your scene partner (and maybe a few chairs if you’re fancy).

Logically, as the only other real, living, breathing thing in the scene, your relationship to your scene partner is of the UTMOST importance. You can transform your improv by learning to forge an emotional connection with them. Feel something – deeply, irrationally, completely – and see how your scenes blossom in delightful and unfathomable ways.

This workshop will teach you a half-dozen performance grade techniques that you can use immediately to get out of your head and improvise from your heart. Whether you know your fellow improviser well or are playing with them for the first time, harness the power of giving a damn about them.



Chris is a veteran performer and director who teaches and coaches improvisation in and around London. He studied theatre at Royal Holloway College, University of London and improvisation at Second City, iO Chicago and The Annoyance. In the UK he teaches for Hoopla Impro and The Nursery Theatre.

He created and coached improv wunderkinds The Science of Living Things and currently teaches regular long and short-form classes across London and the Southeast, from absolute beginners to über-geeky advanced classes. He was the co-ordinator of the Nursery Theatre’s “Originals” programme and directed the first show of that season, [Emotion] Play.

He also runs the improv podcast Yes Bot, which asks improvisers to program a robot to be the ultimate scene partner.

Chris improvises with Project2 and The Maydays and is the artistic director of Sonder, a new company dedicated to improv as a theatrical art form.