The Maydays


Liz is the Artistic Director of award-winning company The Maydays, and has performed and taught improv around the world.






LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: Intermediate, Advanced, Pro

CATEGORY: Dynamics, Development

When we improvise we can be ANYONE! Yet we often fall into similar grooves. Perhaps you get overlooked onstage, or you’re always taking charge. Maybe you feel uncomfortable and want to feel good.

The key is your Embodiment. It is scientifically proven that the way we move changes the way we think. Like all humans, you have subtle physical patterns that drive your behaviour, affecting how you feel and are perceived. These patterns are so familiar you’re probably not aware of them. By noticing our habits we can see when they work for us, when they get in our way and what else we can do. 

To increase our range of characters and authentic responses we’ll be getting back into our bodies (and a few others!) in a playful, non judgmental way.

Forget WHO WHAT WHERE today and embrace HOW. Own it baby!



LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: Intermediate, Advanced, Pro

CATEGORY: Scenic, Development

Great improv has the power to make us both laugh and cry. This is always a result of the CONNECTION between players. Interesting scenes are not about a hilarious anecdote, they are about this specific relationship in this specific moment.

We all bring something different to the stage (our personalities, life experience, mood that day…) and the millions of possibilities for a scene are crystallised into a unique circuit between one individual person and another. A live connection between ourself and our scene partner.

When we slow down and pay attention to this circuit, our improv becomes exciting, raw and believable. It causes the audience to be affected by our work and allows us, as improvisers, to create authentic, electric and uniquely touching art.



Liz is passionate about sharing improv both for performance and as a life enhancing skill. Her teaching experience includes many years of courses, drop ins and intensives for all levels, as well as going into organisations and using improv as a training tool for communication, leadership and team building. She has taught at several European festivals (Barcelona, Portugal and Dublin) and has been running the UK’s only residential improv retreat with The Maydays for the past 8 years.
In 2015 Liz qualified as an Embodied Facilitator and is excited to be bringing that unique angle to her improv classes as it’s a real game changer.