JadaJada Improv


Trent has been improvising for over 15 years, and has become one of the leading members of the European Improv Community.






LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

CATEGORY: Scenic, Development

This workshop designed to help improvisers take care of themselves as a way taking care of others.

Strong scenes are built on strong characters. This workshop will help you develop the skills necessary to create strong characters at the top of a scene, and then filter the entire scene through your character’s unique point of view.

We will learn what makes Chicago Improv so unique, and how to emulate the slow, patient, relationship-based scenes that make Chicago Style Improv so enjoyable to perform and to watch.

Yes yourself, support your team.



LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: Intermediate, Advanced, Professional

CATEGORY: Dynamics, Development

It has been said that there are only 7 basic plots that can ever be told. If that is the case, then why do we keep making, and telling, stories?

Whether writing for Television or the Silver Screen, Screenwriters have a handful of tricks they can use to quickly engage their quickly audience, manipulate their emotions, and tell a great story while doing so.

This workshop takes elements from the world of Screenwriting and applies them to Improv.

We’ll learn about false goals, character flaws, and crossing a threshold. We’ll practice planting and foreshadowing, getting the most out of our dialogue, and how to make the audience love, or hate, our characters. Most importantly, we’ll make the audience care about what is happening to our improvised characters and their relationships to each other, places, and things, on stage.



Trent has been performing improv since 2002. After earning a BA in Theatre Arts, Trent spent 4 years on the Chicago Improv Circuit, where he studied and performed at The Second City, iO Chicago, and ComedySportz Chicago.

In 2010, Trent relocated to Tampere, Finland, where he founded JadaJada Improv, The Finland International Improv Festival, and The improvAcademy, Finland’s first English Language Improv Training Program. Over the course of nearly 7 years, Trent has carved out a name for himself in the Finnish and European Improv communities, and has helped to bring the International Improv community together.

Trent recently earned a 2nd BA in International Media Production, and is currently pursuing a MA in Screenwriting. He is now a full-time Improviser, spending his days Performing, Teaching and Producing improv and theater throughout Finland and Europe.

And yes. He knows it is weird to put himself in the Instructor Line-Up at his own festival.